#mondaymasters Vivian Maier

This week I had the privilege to choose the Streetchat's MondayMasters. (If you’d like to join in share a picture of Vivian’s with the hashtag “#MondayMasters” and your reason for sharing).

Who was Vivian ?

If you don't know Vivian's work yet you can take a look at her website here : http://www.vivianmaier.com/ or watch the amazing documentary "Finding Vivian Maier" directed by John Maloof & Charlie Siskel

My favourite shot

It was really hard to pic only one photo. She made so many amazing shots and her work seems to be a true testamony of her time.

I finally picked this one for the intensity of the eyes of this couple. When I shoot on the streets I noticed that the way people look at me is totally influenced by the way I'm dressed, the way I walk and the way I stand.

After browsing all of her amazing shots I noticed a pattern, a lot of people looked at her like a freak. When you know how Vivian looked, lived and dressed it almost feels natural.

And that's the beauty of her shots, nobody else could have taken them.

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